Is something really wrong if I need therapy?

No. Life can become overwhelming for anyone at one point or another. Friends and family are supportive but sometimes it helps to speak with someone whose sole purpose is to help you work through a particular feeling or situation. A lot of successful people rely on a therapeutic relationship to varying degrees to help increase their success related to personal and professional goals.

What will a session be like?

At your first session, I will gather some basic information about you but also give you time to explain why you are looking into therapy at this time and what you are hoping to see change for you. As we go along, we will work together to focus on what may be causing you to feel stuck and building skills to help you move towards and accomplish your goals.

How long is a therapy session?

Typically, 50 minutes.

What if I need medication?

If you decide at any point that medication may be helpful for you, we can partner with a trusted psychiatrist who would be willing to assist.

Not at this time. But I can give you a superbill (receipt) to submit if you are eligible for out of network benefits.

Do you accept insurance?

Please feel free to email info@claritywellnesscounseling.com or call at 978-709-1172.

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