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Teen Support Group for Anxiety and Depression


60 min group
$300 per cycle (4 groups per cycle)

Dates for May 2019 TBA

If your teen is struggling with difficulties in school as well as anxiety and depression this group may help. It is designed to therapeutically address ways to manage difficult emotions as well as ways to build healthy habits intended to maintain mental and emotional health.

This group is geared toward middle and high school students. Please call 978-709-1172 or email for more information.

Payment plan available.


College Women’s Support Group

90 min groups
$300 per cycle (4 groups per cycle)

Dates for early 2019 are TBA.

Please email if you would like to be updated regarding dates for this group.

College years usually mean managing many more demands on our time, making decisions that affect our future, and often doing so while distanced from family and other supports. These years can be overwhelming leading to increased anxiety and depression for some. In this group, we discuss ways to manage the increased responsibilities of the college years while also developing important coping skills and habits to maintain mental and emotional health.