What kind of therapy do you do?

I mostly work from a Cognitive Behavioral framework which means that we work a lot on identifying the ways of thinking and behaving that may be making life harder and ways to break away from them. With practice, new ways of thinking, behaving and living are possible.

How often will we meet?

Most clients meet weekly which is most recommended to build a deep, meaningful therapeutic relationship. Weekly meetings allow for regular processing of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

How long will this take?

Good question. It can be tempting to put a time frame on therapy, or any process in life really, but the truth is that there is no magic number of sessions for your journey. Part of our time together will be assessing what progress looks like for you and we can work together for as long as it takes to feel you have reached your own personal goals.

How long and how much are sessions?

I offer 50 min sessions for $120 per session.

Do you accept insurance?

No, as I find insurance requirements can often be limiting to the therapeutic process. I can, however, provide a superbill (receipt) to submit if your insurance company covers you for out-of-network services.

How can I access the client portal?

If you are a new client or existing client, you can click here to access your unique client login to schedule or manage your services.

These helped a bit but I have other questions.

Please feel free to email info@claritycounselingwellness.com or call at 404-419-7569.