Clarity Counseling and Wellness offers online services for residents of Georgia, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Virtual therapy has been around for sometime but is beginning to grow in popularity and prevalence. Many studies show that it is as effective as traditional in-person therapy while adding several benefits that traditional therapy cannot always offer. Click here and here to review studies indicating effectiveness of online therapy. Read below to consider some of the ways it can be beneficial.

why online therapy?

Convenience. Virtual therapy can provide more available times for sessions and can be held wherever you have wifi connection.

Cultural competency. For some people, the cultural background of their therapist is important. This can limit the number of therapists available in a given area. Online therapy provides more options as location becomes less of a barrier.

Comfort. You can have sessions from the comfort of your own home. Even in your jammies, if you want.

Confidentiality. HIPAA compliant sessions are offered using Simple Practice, a practice management site for therapists. You can click here to access the client portal and receive your unique login information.