Online therapy offers a convenient way to receive therapeutic services if time, distance, or lack of convenience are barriers. While there are some differences, talk therapy sessions via internet have proven as effective as in-person sessions for several clients.

is online therapy for everyone?

Several clients experiencing anxiety and depression have received exclusively online services and have reported significant improvement in their symptoms and overall wellbeing. With that being said, online therapy is not for everyone. Each client receives a screening form prior to beginning treatment to ensure fit for this service. If you are seeking therapy for a major mental illness, it is recommended that you work with an in-person treatment provider.

what about online sites?

Online therapy sites like Better Help and Talk Space can be beneficial. The downside is high therapist turnover which interrupts your therapeutic relationship as well as third party involvement in your treatment. You cannot work with your therapist directly for logistical concerns related to your treatment such as payment or time and must consult the site for their separate policies and procedures which may be restrictive.

how does it work?

You simply find a quiet, private space and log in each week for your session. From there, sessions look very much like in-person where you begin to explore your personal struggles and set individual goals for progress.